The Image of Hope movie features Carol Daggitt and the Ruscheinski brothers who have been fundraising in the hope to find a cure for breast cancer. This movie has been generously gifted to Nite of Hope™ by Telus.


The Face of Time movie, which has been generously gifted to us by Telus , features survivors' testimonies of early detection. Nite of Hope™ thanks Telus for such a moving look at The Face of Breast Cancer.


iHope is an inspirational video, about Sandi and Bill and their personal journeys through breast cancer. This video, which was premiered during the 2009 Nite of Hope™ gala, was produced by Keith Montgomery in support of his wife Karin who was battling breast cancer during that time.





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Potters at 19158 48th Ave

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Romancing the Home at 1637 128 Street

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Madeline Bee at 1752 152nd Street

Survivor Stories

Marcie's Story

(Featured during 2008 Nite of Hope™ Gala)

Marcie is the eldest and only daughter of four children. Born in Squamish, she grew up in 100 Mile House and figure skated competitively until she was 18 years old. At that time, she turned pro and taught skating for three years. Marcie has lived in White Rock for 23 years and is actively involved in the community.

Just 16 days shy of her 41st Birthday in 2003, Marcie was diagnosed with Stage 3 aggressive breast cancer. Two weeks after being diagnosed, she underwent a lumpectomy on her right breast. The pathology report showed that the margins were not conclusive so Marcie underwent a second surgery to remove 16 lymph nodes in January 2004. There was cancer in one lymph node; hence, Marcie’s personal journey with breast cancer began.

Marcie agreed to become part of a clinical trial program at the BC Cancer Agency and underwent six months of intense chemotherapy treatment followed by one month of radiation. Two weeks after her last chemotherapy treatment, Marcie walked in the Weekend To End Cancer 60K walk.

Their team: Breast Foot Forward raised $134,000.00 toward breast cancer research. Marcie is avidly involved in the CIBC Run For The Cure every year and strongly believes in positive affirmation and team work!

One of Marcie’s favourite affirmations is the saying: “Nothing takes space in my body or mind without paying rent!”

Marcie has a Master of Arts Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and has made frequent public speaking appearances for television, radio, conferences and group functions. Marcie is a life coach and is the owner of W.I.S.E. [Women In Strength Everywhere] where women network online. Marcie has been employed in the Law Enforcement field for 23 years. On November 26th, 2008, Marcie celebrated her 5th year of survivorship.

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
(Albert Einstein)

Margie's Story

(Featured during 2007 Nite of Hope™ Gala)

In 2007 Margie and Harvey celebrated their 40th anniversary. They did not take this event for granted. Together they have two children - a son and a daughter.

Ironically enough, Margie first felt a lump in her breast on her 25th anniversary in 1992. She had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Despite the treatment, in 1995 her cancer metastasized to her liver and she was pronounced incurable.

A few months after chemo was completed, Margie was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and given a terminal prognosis. The following year she tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene responsible for breast and ovarian cancer.

It was that same year she was awarded the national medal of courage by the Canadian Cancer Society after being nominated by her White Rock - South Surrey support group. In CCS's words this award is made to an "outstanding individual who in her own personal battle with cancer exhibits outstanding courage while significantly displaying concern and compassion for others often putting their needs ahead of her own. Margie shows a continuing commitment to raising awareness and funds for research."

Her husband says "Margie is known as a person with knowledge and understanding. Friends, friends of friends and strangers call her all the time. Sometimes they call right after we have received devastating news. Margie never shies away from these calls. To me this may be the most courageous thing she does." A husband of one of these women told Harv this year that he always knew when Margie had been by because his wife was laughing.

Margie is a frequent speaker at runs, breakfasts, conferences and relays and has appeared on radio and TV. Since 2001 she has helped organize a local breast cancer retreat at Camp Kwomais entitled Finding Positive Pathways where she acted as host, speaker and yoga instructor. Margie has been a public school teacher for all of her life and is presently on medical disability. She sees this as her new teaching role.

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